Why You Should Have Allergen Testing Done on the Food Products Your Business Sells

If your business makes and sells food of any type -- whether you grow your own produce and sell it to the public, or if you make processed foods of some type -- then you should have allergen testing done. This might seem like a simple step that you can skip; after all, you might assume that your customers know what they are and are not allergic to, and you might think that potential allergens in the food products that you produce and sell will be obvious. However, having allergen testing is still essential for these reasons and more.

You May Be Required to Have it Done

Depending on the type of food that you grow or make and the area that you produce your food in, you might be held to strict standards. This means that you might be required to have allergen testing done, and you might be required to list certain allergens -- as well as other ingredients -- on your food packaging. It's smart to learn about the standards that you're required to meet and to work with a company that can help you be compliant with these standards and rules.

Food Allergies Are a Bigger Deal Than You Might Think

Many people don't understand just how common food allergies are. However, many people across Australia and beyond are affected by food allergies, and they can have serious allergic reactions if they eat -- or even come in contact with -- things that they are allergic to. Because of the severity of the situation, you should make sure that you take food allergies very seriously.

You'll Want Your Customers to Feel Safe

Customers who have food allergies might be very concerned about the food products that they purchase and eat. By letting your customers know that you have allergen testing done and that you have clearly labeled your food products with potential allergens, you can help these customers feel a lot more comfortable and safe.

You'll Want to Avoid Liability

If you don't properly label your food products with any food allergens that might be present, and if someone has an allergic reaction because of it, then you have to worry about your company potentially being held liable. This could be catastrophic for your business from a financial standpoint. By having allergen testing done and making sure that all of your food products are properly labeled with information about any allergens that might be present, you can help prevent your company from being held liable if someone does tragically eat something that they are allergic to. Look into allergen testing for more information.